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Purpose of seed Certification

The purpose of seed Certification is to maintain and make available to the public, through Certification, high quality seeds of notified kind and varieties so grown and distributed as to ensure genetic identity and genetic purity. Seed certification is also designed to achieve prescribed Standards.

Certification Agency

Certification shall be conducted by the certification Agency notified under section 8 of the seed Act, 1966.

Certified seed producer

Certified seed producer means a person/organization that grows or distributes certified seed in accordance with the procedures and standards of the certification.

Eligibility Requirement for Certification of Crop Varieties

Seed of only those Varieties Which are notified under section-5 of the seed Act, 1966 shall be eligible for Certification.

Class of seed/sources of seed

Breeder Stage Seed

Breeder seed is seed or vegetative propagating material directly controlled by originating or sponsoring plant breeder of the breeding programmer or institution and/or seed whose production is personally supervised by a qualified plant breeder and which provided the source for the initial and recurring increase of Foundation seed.

Breeder seed shall be genetically so pure as to guarantee that in the subsequent generation. I.e. certified Foundation seed class shall conform to the prescribed standard of genetic purity. The other quality factors of Breeder seed such as physical purity; inert matter germination etc. shall be indicated on the label on actual basis.

The breeder seed shall be packed and supplied by the breeders in the form and manner indicated as below.

Labeling of Breeder Seed

Breeder seed shall be supplied in sealed containers, duly stitched and sealed. A cloth-lined label of 12 cm * 6 cm containing following information shall be affixed on the container.

Name Label No.
Crop -
Variety -
Class of Seed Breeder Seed
Lot No. -
Date of Test -
*Pure Seed %
*Inert Matter %
*Germination %
**Oil content %
Producing institution -
(name and address) -
* Based on actual.
** It shall be applicable for sunflower crop only.
  • The container should also have printed on it the kind, variety and name of institution.
  • The label shall be rubber stamped with signature, name and designation of the concerned breeder. Color of the label shall be Golden Yellow No. 356 (IS: 5-1978).
  • Every Breeder/breeding institute shall maintain the account of labels printed and issued.

Certified Seed

Certified seed shall be the seed certified by certification Agency notified under section 8 of the seed Act, 1966, or seed certified by any certification Agency established in any foreign country provided the Certification Agency has need recognized by the central Government through notification the official Gazette. Certified seed shall consist of two classes, namely, Foundation and Certified seed and each class shall conform to the following description.

Foundation Stage Seed

  • Certified Foundation seed shall be the progeny of breeder seed, or produced from Foundation seed which can be clearly traced to Breeder seed. Thus Foundation seed can even be produced from Foundation seed.
  • During the production of Foundation seed the following guidelines shall be observed.
  • *Certified Foundation seed produced directly from breeder seed shall be designated as Foundation seed stage-I.
  • *Certified Foundation seed produced from Foundation seed state-I shall be designated as Foundation seed stage-II.
  • *Certified Foundation seed stage-II will not be used for further increase of Foundation seed and shall be only for production of certified seed class.
  • *Minimum seed certification standard shall be the same for Both Foundation seed stage –I and II unless otherwise prescribed.
  • *Certification tag shall be of white color for Both Foundation seed stage-I & II and shall contain the information as bellow.
Lenth : 15 CM.
Breadth: 7.5 CM.

It shall be made of durable materials such as thick paper, paper with cloth lining ,wax coated paper , plastic coated paper etc.

Colour : both side shall be white for Foundation class.

TAG NO............ CA’S Certified seed
KIND................. EMBLEM Class of Seed. Certificate No.........
Variety..................... Name and address of Date of issue of certificate
Lot No...................... Certification Agency Date of test.............
"Use of the seed after expiry of the validity period by any person is entirely at his risk and the holder of the certificate shall not be responsible for any damage to the buyer of seed. No one should purchase the seed if seal or the certification tag has been tempered with” - Certificate valid up to .............. (Provided seed is stored under cool and dry environment)Validity of certificate further extended up to.................
Name and full address of the Certified seed producer........ - -

N.B. If tag is to be affixed on a smaller container then the size of tag may be reduced proportionately. However, length and breadth ratio and contents would remain the same.

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